All goods sold by SHOOOS are under a standard 24 months of warranty.

If the goods you have bought, happen to break or show signs of damage due to a manufacture defect, please let us know. Please don't forget to include photos of the damage.

E-mail: shooos@shooos.eu


If you wish to file a warranty case for your goods. Please send them to the following address Shooos s.r.o., Nabr. L. Svobodu 44, 81102 Bratislava, Slovakia, Europe and include the purchase receipt (invoice) and completed claim form

---- Claim Form: (PDF) ------



1. The claim must be applied without undue delay as soon as the fault has occurred. Any prolongation in the continued use of the goods may lead to a deepening of the defect and consequent deterioration of the goods, which may be a reason for refusing a complaint.

2. The warranty period for goods is 24 months and begins on the date of purchase of the goods.

3. The warranty period can not be confused with the life of the goods, a period during which, when properly used and properly maintained, including maintenance, the goods can withstand their properties, the purpose and the differences in the intensity of their use.

4. If the buyer, after taking over the goods, finds that the goods are not in conformity with the ordered goods or the goods are defective, they must inform the seller immediately by e-mail or by telephone, not later than 5 days after receipt of the goods.

5. If a defect occurs on a purchased item, the customer has the right to claim this defect.

6. Mistakes shall mean a change in the characteristics of the goods caused by the use of inappropriate or poor quality material, failure to comply with the manufacturing technology or inappropriate design.

7. The change (properties) of the goods that arose during the warranty period as a result of its wear, misuse, inadequate or inappropriate maintenance due to the natural changes of the materials from which the goods are manufactured as a result of any damage to the user or third party person or other misconduct.

8. Complaints shall be deemed to have been properly applied if the goods claimed are complete and the claim does not hinder the general principles of hygiene. The customer is obliged to submit the goods complained cleaned, free from all impurities and hygienically unsafe. Shooos s.r.o. operating shop https://www.shooos.eu/ is entitled to refuse to accept goods for complaints that do not comply with the above general hygiene principles (Decree 91/1984 Coll., on Measures against Transmissible Diseases).

9. The claim, including the removal of the error, shall be provided without undue delay, no later than 30 days after the date of application. The Authorized Worker may, in justified cases, agree with the customer for a longer period.

10. The customer applies the complaint by sending the goods together with a completed claim form and a copy of the purchase receipt (invoice) to: Shooos s.r.o., Nabr. L. Svobodu 44, 81102 Bratislava, Slovakia